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Concert by Mnozil Brass

[Sunday 7th May 2017]

Saturday 6th May 2017.

A group of us visited Birmingham Town Hall to attend a concert by Mnozil Brass. We met at The Peacock Inn, Kings Norton, for a meal together and then took the roller-coaster that is the Birmingham road system into the city centre. At least two of us in the car were glad not to be driving and we were all glad to follow Ian’s lead!

Birmingham Town Hall made a lovely venue and the band came out to entertain us for over two hours. For over two hours (apart from the interval) they never stopped playing and performing. How they keep going is the question. As well as their superb musicianship they used mime, movement and magic to paint sound pictures. One which brought memories flooding back when they used mime and music to illustrate an old record player stuck on the record, as these things used to do. Perhaps not one for those under 20! The evening culminated in Lonely Boy, a real team effort with one band member playing two trombones and two trumpets with both feet and both hands. And, at one chair! You really had to see it to believe it!

Many thanks to Ian for organising such a great experience for us.

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LCB at St Botolph's Church, Shepshed
LCB at St Botolph's Church, Shepshed