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Concert in aid of Shepshed Food Bank

[Saturday 17th September 2022]

What has become an annual concert for Shepshed Food Bank is a favourite for the band and this time we were joined by the Caroline Sharpe Singers. One of their members, Wendy Burns, stepped up to the plate and stood in for regular Compere, Eddie Pearson.  And what a job she had taken on: she introduced numbers with French words, Spanish words and even Elvish words; all this and take her position to sing as well. But it was a night for people demonstrating their versatility. When I was admiring the singers’ orange or rose coloured scarves and ties, I noted one singer wearing a black bow tie – Charnwood Concert Band conductor, Dave Coble!

The evening began with a silence to mark respect for the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and was followed by the National Anthem, for the first time in my life time using God Save the King.

The band’s programme that followed included old favourites such as Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. Flautist Yvonne Renouf accompanied the singers in Jubilee. Caroline’s Singers started with Let the Song Begin and Seal Lullaby which, Wendy told us, was unaccountably dropped for Kung Fu Panda! They invited the audience to join them for Any Dream Will Do. So we did!

The evening ended with the band playing Somewhere over the Rainbow with graphics of the rainbows that shone out over Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace on the day of Her Majesty’s passing.


Shepshed Food Bank was opened in 2013 and supported eight families. The Bank now provides 50 food parcels for families, couples and single people.  The food bank raised £900 as a result of the concert.

The band is grateful for the help of deps Steve on Bass, Ian on Bass Trombone, and Sue on Bari Sax. New members Jane and John were playing at their first concert and special thanks to Phoebe who helped out on refreshments!

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LCB at St Botolph's Church, Shepshed
LCB at St Botolph's Church, Shepshed