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Christmas Concert, St Botolph’s Church Shepshed.

[Saturday 17th December 2022]

We are always happy when the Christmas music comes out around the beginning of November. The Christmas combination of joy and optimism is embodied in the music.

St Botolph’s Christmas Concert is always full of this joy and optimism and the 2022 concert was no exception. From the moment Michael Torne welcomed band and audience alike, the atmosphere of warmth spread throughout the evening.

The programme contained a seasonal cocktail: carols (with which the audience was invited to sing) and more modern songs (with which the audience was invited to sing – words magically appeared for All I want for Christmas is You) and further warmed the atmosphere.  Film music such as Troika, Walking in the Air, and Polar Express added a touch of Hollywood glamour.

Audience members commented with admiration for the trombones who stood in unison and made their presence felt, and enjoyment at the warmth of the evening.



Our last concert of the year – here’s to the next one!


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LCB at St Botolph's Church, Shepshed
LCB at St Botolph's Church, Shepshed