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Glorious Queens Park

[Sunday 7th August 2022]

What better way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon than relaxing in the park listening to a band in the bandstand. And if that is in Queens Park in Loughborough with the fabulous floral displays in flower beds and baskets on a warm and sunny afternoon perhaps with an ice cream from the café or a picnic from home then so much the better. Add in the sounds of the Loughborough Concert Band and you can’t go far wrong, at least that’s what many people thought on the 7th of August and judging by the comments afterwards they weren’t disappointed.

Our conductor, Dave Coble, put together a varied programme to cater for all tastes for what was probably the largest audience the band had seen in the park for many years. Music included pieces from film and tv, popular songs and band standards all introduced by our regular compere Eddie Pearson who always comes up with some titbit to make us smile. One piece we performed for the first time was Fiesta Y Flores, a recently published piece dedicated to the Las Fallas festivities in Valencia giving the programme a bit of latin feel. We finished with one of our favourite pieces, Highland Cathedral.

With several players on holiday we are grateful to our two deps, Sue on tenor sax and Ted on bass trombone, for joining us in the park. Our next concert will be in St Botolph’s church, Shepshed when we will join with the Caroline Sharpe Singers for the foodbank fundraising concert on 17th September.

Ian W

Shepshed Jubilee Picnic in the Park

[Saturday 4th June 2022]

This was the third day of the Jubilee Weekend and it has to be said the weather did us no favours, especially considering it was such an auspicious occasion. There was a very brisk ‘breeze’ which meant we definitely needed to peg our music to the music stands. However, thanks to the foresight of the event organisers we were in an open fronted marquee so even if the threatened rain materialised (which it did) we -and the music – stayed dry.

The afternoon started with an hour from Long Eaton Silver Prize Band with assistance from our very own Henry on drums, followed by Karen Jamieson singing a wide variety of songs. We then played for an hour using music which we understood had special royal overtones.  A band enjoyed by Her Majesty (Abba), a royal residence (Holyrood march), Born Free (Her Majesty was in Kenya when she acceded the throne) Jerusalem and Fantasia on British Sea Songs (because everyone enjoys singing along to them.) We were lucky to be joined by vocalist Karen Jamieson for Jerusalem and Sea Songs and she definitely added a touch of festivity.

We were delighted that Joe Simpson, good friend to the band, joined us on trumpet and Yvonne Renouf played her heart out with the solo in Brown Eyes Blue. Our two oboe players, Paula Gardner and Rachel Gordon also covered themselves in glory during the playing of Sea Songs. A good time was had by all, Jubilee celebrations we won’t forget.

Abbey Park 2022

[Sunday 22nd May 2022]

Abbey Park, Leicester.

22nd May 2022 was a concert with a lot of firsts for us. It was the first concert we had played in 2022 due to covid scares and issues quite beyond our control. It was the first time we had played in Leicester’s ancient and historic park (I was looking for Cardinal Wolsey, even if no-one else was!) and it was the first gig for many of our new players: Millie Gibbons on trumpet, Henry Marvell on drums, Sarah Whittaker, Kitty Meeks and Eric Ho on flute and Tony Wong on alto sax. And we also welcomed back Joe Simpson our long time trumpet player and Suzanne Perrin on clarinet who helped us out on the day. We had solos from Mark Greenaway on trombone and Yvonne Renouf on flute.  

It was lovely to be playing a concert again and we look forward to the next one!

Christmas concert is cancelled

[Thursday 16th December 2021]

Unfortunately due to the worsening situation in the area the concert at St Botoph’s church has been cancelled. While we fully understand the reasons behind the decision this is a big disappointment for the band as it means that we haven’t performed Christmas music for 2 years now, although at least this year we were able to blow the dust off and play it at rehearsals. Here’s hoping for third time lucky next year.

If you have already bought your ticket for this concert you can get a refund money back by contacting the person you bought it from. Any unclaimed ticket money will be treated as a donation to church funds.

Playing in Carillon Court is cancelled for 2021

[Friday 3rd December 2021]

Unfortunately the band will not now be playing in Carillon Court due to a change in government legislation which requires face coverings to be mandatory in Shopping centres (malls and indoor markets). The only alternative location was outdoors with no roof cover which isn't viable for a band at this time of year. We were looking forwards to playing Christmas music again after missing out last year, and helping out the local branch of Parkinson's UK with some much needed funds. We hope to be back again next year.

Remembrance Day in Queens Park

[Sunday 14th November 2021]

Service of Remembrance, Queens Park Loughborough

Playing at the Service of Remembrance in Loughborough has become one of the band’s high points in the year. And despite the appalling pandemic, despite not having a physical service last year, the people of Loughborough responded to the date and arrived in droves.

We were reminded that the dreadful virus has not gone away by the need to maintain space from each other. We did not play in the cramped band stand but in front of it. This change did not stop passing members of the public stopping after the service, listening to us and applauding. And maybe that is symbolic of the spirit that has kept us going throughout: we will get back to normal, we will keep smiling, even on Remembrance Sunday.

The Service itself, on a damp and drizzly autumnal day, was as somber and moving as it ever is. The band’s programme of solemn music at first, such as Handel’s Scipio and the beautiful In Flander’s Fields and rather more rousing pieces afterwards such as the British Legion March and Musket Fife and Drum was as well-chosen as ever. It was, as always, a real privilege to play for such an occasion. Perhaps next year we’ll be back in the bandstand.

All Saints Church, Thurcaston.

[Saturday 30th October 2021]

This concert, the eighth time that we have played at Thurcaston, marked the band’s first indoor performance for over 18 months. The date had been postponed and re-arranged depending on the advice for public gatherings but on 30th October, we finally played for an audience that has been loyal and enthusiastic for some time.

The concert also marked the sad passing of Jeff Kennington, Church warden, enthusiastic music lover and passionate supporter of the RSPCA. Jeff had been instrumental in arranging the concerts and we played one of his favorites, Hootenanny and took up a collection for the RSPCA in his memory.

The programme was compered by Eddie Pearson, who kindly gave the band a chance to get our breath back between numbers, and was as varied as ever, closing the first half with Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral by Wagner and the second half with Hootenanny by Harold Walters.

The band was ably supported by talented deps: Stewart and Chris on trumpet, Ian on trombone and Peter on tuba.

We thank them for their help!

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LCB at St Botolph's Church, Shepshed
LCB at St Botolph's Church, Shepshed